The presentation will cover various problems related to wave propagation in complex media, dynamic fracture of quasibrittle materials, optimization of energy input for fracture, seismic protection. Majority of the results to be presented are based on numerical simulations implementing novel computational techniques and new criteria for fracture and other phase transformations. It will be demonstrated that utilizing the developed approach it is possible to successfully predict initiation, evolution and arrest of dynamic fracture in quasibrittle media loaded by dynamic impact or explosive loads. Other examples will include development of novel seismic protection systems, based on seismic barriers and seismic metamaterials.

Dr. Vladimir Bratov graduated from St. Peterburg State University, Department of Elasticity year 2000. 2000-2007 he was working at Malmo University Sweden as a PhD student and postdoctoral researcher. He received his PhD degree in 2004 in mechanics of materials. Since 2008 Vladimir Bratov is working at the Institute of Problems in Mechanical Engineering of the Russian Academy of Sciences as a senior researcher. Since 2009 he is teaching several undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Fracture Mechanics and Computational Mechanics at St. Peterburg State University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University. 2016-2017, as a visiting professor he also worked at Mile East Technical University. Major collaborations include Keele University, UK, Manchester University, UK,
Novo Mesto University, Slovenia, IPM RAS, Moscow, Gazprom-Neft company, Gazprom company, Russian Railways company.
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