Development of an Open Architecture Additive Manufacturing Execution System (OpenDM)
    OpenDM – is a concept of a geometric modeling system based on a function representation with a 3D printing feature. It is an open architecture software development project providing an Additive Manufacturing Execution System. It includes the 3D modeling tools based on FRep with Computer Aided Manufacturing system. It allow fabricated FRep 3D models with any precision without meshes formats (STL, AMF, 3MF), directly interacting with the 3D printer. The software implementation of this concept is an open source API of computer aided manufacturing system for 3D printing of function represented models (FRepCAM).

    Figure 1 Direct manufacturing of FRep models

    The first version of the FrepCAM API with direct 3D printing features was implemented with drivers for the following 3D printers: Ultimaker 5s, Insstek MX-1000, Picasso, Duplicator 7.

    More information can be found in the article:
    Efficient contouring of functionally represented objects for additive manufacturing