Carbon nanotubes and graphene are two materials that have been under extreme focus in recent years as additives for polymer matrix composites (PMC’s). Such nanoadditives not only allow an increase in mechanical properties, but also allow functional properties in the final products. Nano reinforced PMC’s have attracted particular attention in the field of self-diagnostic sensor materials.
In this seminar, the talk will consist of how such carbon-based nanoparticles may be introduced into composite systems for attaining electrical conductivity, piezoresistive response and subsequent structural health monitoring. The seminar will touch upon topics such as the effect of processing routes on the final composite properties, the performance differences between carbon nanotube and graphene based PMC’s, the effect of microstructure on these properties and the effect that electrode placement has on the readings being taken.

Hassaan Butt is a 3rd year PhD student at Skoltech. He graduated from the Department of Material Science and Engineering from The Harbin Institute of Technology with a Master’s of Engineering in “Materials Science” and joined CDMM, Skoltech in 2017.
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