The cavitation in microscopic confinement received some attention only recently with regard to situations where bubbles pre-exist or appear by nucleation in the trapped liquid. It is motivated by applications in biology, medicine and dynamics of porous media. In our study, the dynamics of a spherical bubble in the confined externally driven liquid cell is considered. It is shown that volume confinement strongly affects the manifestation of the classical cavitation Blake threshold. Three possible regimes of bubble dynamics in confined liquid at different types of driving are studied.

It is found that the radial oscillations of a small bubble at driving pressure amplitude leading to cavitation inception are stable and the dynamics of a large bubble with pressure amplitude ensuring cavitation vanishing is chaotic.

Konstantin Leonov is a 4th year PhD student at Skoltech. He graduated from the Department of Problems in Physics and Energetics of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology with a Master’s degree in “Applied Mathematics and Physics”, and joined CDMM, Skoltech in 2017.
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