Process Simulation

Thermal spray technology implies different scales of physical phenomena which occur simultaneously during coating deposition process. Hence, the particular process cannot be analyzed by the deployment of a single numerical model. Despite that, the entire spraying process must be divided into sub-processes, which should be modeled using different approaches.
Below is some results from our previous work of developing a digital replica (Digital Twin) for Cold Gas Dynamic Spray process (CGDS). CGDS is a unique coating technology in which spray particles in a solid-state are deposited on a substrate, via high-velocity impact, at temperatures lower than the melting point of the powder materials and thereby prevent in-flight oxidation of feedstock materials.
Here are the results of computational fluid dynamic (CFD) analysis illustrated a velocity of carrier gas along with the velocity distribution of powder feedstock materials.
Results of numerical simulation for 2D axisymmetric model in comparison to experimental data
The research group focuses attention on the processes analysis and strategies formulation for assurance optimized design and functional coating quality for various areas of industrial applications.