Polypropylene is rare recyclable plastic due to its fibers destruction during landfilling and recycling. A degradation process manifests in the weakening of chemical bonds and breaking of macromolecules, which ultimately reduces the mechanical and strength properties of the polymer. This research covers the lack of knowledge in fast-indication technologies to detect degradation level. The presentation describes the current state of the research and complex system. Which is designed to real-time determining the quality of polypropylene by the level of its degradation, based on its spectral characteristics and pre-accumulated analytics. CPS toolchain is used to design this complex.

Andrey Pimenov is a 3rd year PhD student at Skoltech. He was a control system engineer in aluminum honeycomb manufacturing project with ISS Reshetneva and Skoltech in 2017 – 2018. He graduated MS Skoltech in 2016 with Internship in MIT in 2015.
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