Optimization of the thermosetting pultrusion process
status: ongoing
1) Optimization of the thermosetting pultrusion process in terms of the quality and quantity of the produced profiles (optimization of the die geometry, pulling speed, temperature regime, composition of the resin)

2) Prediction of shape distortions and internal defects of pultrusion profiles immediately after the manufacturing process, as well as after their storage.
- Experiments of thermosetting pultrusion manufacturing process at different pulling speeds, using different reinforcing materials, polymer resins and additives were carried out;

- Experiments were conducted to study the influence of the choice of thermosetting pultrusion technological regimes on the occurrence of shape distortions (spring-in, warping) and cracks in the produced profiles;

- Mathematical model accounting for the influence of the pulling speed of the pultrusion process on the value of the spring-in angle was developed.

- Articles have been published in prestigious scientific journals Q1-Q2, and results have been presented at the international conferences