Institute of Science
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Testing and Certification

The laboratory supports experimental study of static, dynamic and fatigue mechanical behavior of materials of different physical nature. The main scope of work is focused to polymer composites and additively manufactured materials such as plastic, metals and alloys, and ceramics.

Assistant Professor, Head of Laboratory
Material characterization
Provide tests within ASTM and ISO standards
Certification and regulations for new materials and structures
Development, verification and FEA implementation of constitutive material models
Develop design calculation methods
Justification of safety factors for new materials and structures
Use unique testing techniques developed for AM lattice structures, fracture toughness of fiber-reinforced composites and substructures
Вернуться к вариантам пространств
Research projects
Synergy of engineering science and digital technologies aimed at the development of a simulation-driven design of advanced materials, structures
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Application of the Optoacoustic Method to Assess the Effect of Voids on the Crack Resistance of Structural Carbon Plastics.
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Sergey G. Abaimov, Anton Trofimov, Ivan V. Sergeichev, Iskander S. Akhatov. Composite Structures.
Ivan Sergeichev, Head of the Laboratory


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