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The plasmonics laboratory is conducting world-class research in the field of plasmonic nanostructures and metamaterials for the needs of biomedicine and nanoelectronics, as well as for microwave photonic applications. Discover more >>

Vladimir Drachev
Full Professor, Head of Laboratory
Integrated microwave photonics
Nanofabrication and Nanotechnology
High-performance computing for integrated photonics
Optical and microwave measurements
On-chip bio-sensing with Raman spectroscopy
Confocal fluorescence life-time imaging microscopy
Our team
Our facilities
Available experimental and computational capabilities and equipment.
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Our research
”Digital twin” methodology development, hybrid modeling and model verification using advanced digital techniques. Concentration on the Systems-Driven Product Development methodology and tools.
Synergy of engineering science and digital technologies aimed at the development of a simulation-driven design of advanced materials, structures
Surface-specific washing-free immunosensor for time-resolved cortisol monitoring.
Safarian, S.M., Kusov, P.A., Kosolobov, S.S., Kotelevtsev, Y.V., Drachev, V.P. Talanta
Fine-tuning of the electro-optical switching behavior in indium tin oxide.
Pshenichnyuk, I.A., Kosolobov, S.S., Drachev, V.P. Physical Review B
Second-order correlation function of fluorescence from a few atoms near plasmonic surface.
Moazzezi, M., Urbas, A.M., Drachev, V.P., Rostovtsev, Y. Physica Scripta
Edge-plasmon assisted electro-optical modulator.
Pshenichnyuk, I.A., Nazarikov, G.I., Kosolobov, S.S., Maimistov, A.I., Drachev, V.P. Physical Review B
Towards deep integration of electronics and photonics.
Pshenichnyuk, I.A., Kosolobov, S.S., Drachev, V.P. Applied Sciences (Switzerland)
Focus issue introduction: nanoplasmonics and metamaterials.
Quidant, R., Drachev, V.P. Optical Materials Express
New mechanism of plasmons specific for spin-polarized nanoparticles.
Bhatta, H.L., Aliev, A.E., Drachev, V.P. Scientific Reports

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