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Laboratory of Thermal Spray and Functional Coatings

Laboratory of Thermal Spray and Functional Coatings is engaged in R&D activities focusing on advanced thermal spraying processes development, parameters optimization and industrial applications. Our team is carrying out fundamental and applied research in order to understand specific features of coating structure formation, properties evaluation, and performance relations based on engineering methodologies.

Associate Professor, Head of Laboratory
Develop practice-oriented numerical models and process digital replicas (Digital Twins) for thermal spraying processes

Optimize parameters for aqueous suspensions and solution precursors spraying to produce multi-phase layered- and columnar- like structures

Design powder feedstock materials and develop functional coatings intended for industrial applications and requiring resistance to wear, heat, and corrosion
Our team
We are currently looking for enthusiastic students (at both MSc and PhD levels) to join a research group at the laboratory of thermal spray coatings.
Please contact Anna Matiushenko, Manager for Educational Programs
Our facilities
The laboratory is equipped with one-of-kind thermal spraying processes along with diagnostic accessories to monitor technology’ process parameters. This enables to utilize scientific competencies, process simulation and laboratory practices to deliver with innovation capacity toward leveraging manufacturing and production industry needs.
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Our Research Projects
Synergy of engineering science and digital technologies aimed at the development of a simulation-driven design of advanced materials, structures

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Композиция для антикоррозионного покрытия для защиты стальных конструкций от коррозии
Dmitriy Dzhurinskiy, Head of the Laboratory


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